Beware of Coronavirus scams

Trading Standards advice on how to avoid common Coronavirus scams.
Always follow government advice and NEVER give bank details or bank card information over the phone or to strangers.

Trading Standards Advice

  • Always follow government advice.
  • Use local council websites, local council services and trusted charities like Age UK.
  • Contact your local councillors or MP if urgent.
  • Be careful on social media, especially with coronavirus response groups springing up.
  • Be as careful as you would normally be… don’t be side-tracked or rush into decisions.
  • Don’t purchase items from your doorstep or respond to surveys.
  • Don’t draw attention to the passer-by that you are self-isolating (signs in windows).
  • Don’t give bank details, cash, credit or debit card information to strangers to do shopping etc.
  • Don’t buy cures and medicines online.
  • Don’t buy soaps and sanitizers from unknown sources.
  • Buy all products from known sources.
  • Trust and seek help from family and friends.